Sunday, August 12, 2012

Physical activity tips from Julia Lindhurst, fitness consultant & personal trainer

Julia shared with us in the July support group that the most important factor in your fitness success is CONSISTENCY! Meaning, it is time to get a habit in place so that fitness is part of your healthy life – for the rest of your life.

(Always consult your doctor regarding the recommended fitness plan for you.)

Building New Fitness Habits

* Start with 10 minutes of cardio (walking, biking, or swimming) four times per week. Most of us can find time for 10 minutes of moving your body per day – in fact, the average person finds 2-3 hours per day to watch TV!!

* Within the next four weeks, increase the time you spend being active to 20 minutes per day, four times per week.

* Stretch after your cardio – bend your body forward and back, and side to side. Stretch your arms, keeping your knees soft and aligned with your toes.

* Recognize when you hear yourself making excuses to build self-awareness. Continually remind yourself of your fitness and/or health goals and positively reinforce yourself (take a bubble bath, buy that book you’ve been wanting, etc…) when you are on track with your goals.

And further down the road…

Add strength training exercises to your routine. Increase the time of your cardio and the number of repetitions of your strength training as is comfortable for you. Keep motivated and honest with yourself.
Everyday, say: “I can do it! I AM doing it!!”

Compiled by: Anna Macnak, RD, LD