Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fashion Show 2013

We are priviledged to see transformations in our practice everyday, but our patients are actually the ones experiencing these transformations - watching their bodies change, feeling their confidence grow, and gaining the desire to share their successes with others so that others may too find hope in reaching their health goals.

A group of seven of our patients took to the runway at North Star Mall on May 8th, 2013 to do just that! Sharing their successes with their families and onlookers outside of Dillard's, sporting the summer's new fashions! Ranging from 6 months to 18 months after bariatric surgery, our participants shared with the onlookers what health goal they had obtained. For some it was resolution of diabetes, for others it was an increased sense of happiness, and for all a weight removed from their bodies allowing for increased energy and fitness level.

Andrea talking with MC (Dr. Peterson!) after busting through
her "before" picture and walking the runway!
We are so proud of all of our patients, we feel honored to have shared in a piece of their lives as they navigate their path to a healthier way of life. Many struggle, as is the human experience, but with a support system in place (clinic follow-up, psychological counseling, nutrition counseling, & support groups), all have the opportunity to make this transformation a rewarding one!!

After each participant had the opportunity to walk the runway independently,
all participants came out together with the Dillard's models to
greet the roaring crowd for the final runway walk!